Why is he suddenly interested in me?

I drunk dialed a guy I went on a couple dates with. He didn't answer and texted me around dinner time the next day saying he saw that I called. Why did he wait all day..? (We had stopped talking a week ago because I felt like he wasn't interested and pretty much called him out on lack of effort/interest. I wasn't rude about it, but told him it was alright if he wasn't into me.) The conversation stopped (he sent the last text , and I didn't respond.) 30 minutes later, he sends another message asking what I'm doing. we continue talking again and I brought up why we Haven't spoken in a while and I got a couple responses, then none. The next morning he texted me saying his phone died while he was at a party (but that's a lie because he posted a status on fb through his phone hours after I sent the last text.) Then he starts asking what I'm doing etc, then asking me to hang out. what's going on? Was he waiting for me in to initiate contact since last week?


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  • who knows. Are you interested? why don't you just ask him to hang out.


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  • You have both confused each other and slipped into playing hard to get. This will go nowhere.

  • Ain't cool to call people out on their sh*t, bro...you wouldn't want it done to you, so why do it to others?

    He probably showed interest because he thought you called, sober. When in reality, you weren't. You need to let him know that it was a drunk mistake

    • Calling him out on leading me on..? Don't think its wrong.

    • no matter what it is, you just don't do it. It's a part of social etiquette. You don't go calling people out on their sh*t. You were in the wrong here, on both the call and the calling out sh*t

  • Maybe he had time to think about his interest for you, and seeing you tried to called him looked like another chance to see each other.

    Or perhaps he's just looking for sex, thinking you are a lot into him and that it might happen.

    Anyway, it doesn't really look like it's going to go anywhere.


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