Met a stranger and he ask me for dating! Help!

I met guy on Road... And he follow me , I ride my bike more speed... He still follow me... Then I stopped on roadside and asked him what he want..

He want to know about my self.. And ask my number.. I told him I got married ,I thought he will give up.. But he still force me want to know my number... And ask me for dating

I don't like him... How to reject his date... ? Or accepting his date and do stupid or weird thing during dating to make him stop to chasing me?

If I have to date with him,where and what I have to do? If I have to

reject him,what words to say ?

Heeeelllllllllpppppppp!he don't stop to text me for Dating...

He is gone crazy share my number to his friend.. And his friend also asking me for dating and want to visit his apartment ! WHAT THE F*** ON HIS MIND!

Shit!should I tell to police?


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  • Tell him one more time you're not interested, don't do it subtle, tell him as it is: "I'm not interested in dating you and I'd appreciate it if you leave me alone", do it like that. Then, every time he contacts you, ignore him. By answering him, you're making him think he still has a shot because you keep on answering. So stop answering and ignore him.

    • I already answer like that.. And he still forcing me .

      Okay I'll do next step to ignore him..

      Thanks honey... :-)

      I hope he gonna stop to force me

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    • If block from provider , it's effect to Whatsapp ,Line etc?

      I want effect on those application too..

    • I don't know, maybe your provider will know that.

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  • You just have to be blunt with him and tell him you're not interested in him whatsoever, you shouldn't accept the date, because it's obviously something you're not interested in. The only way a guy like this will get the message is if you don't hold back and tell him exactly what you think/feel even if you think it might upset the person.

    • So many times I told him.. With soft words or I have to use bad words to reject him..even I told him I'm marry lady to make him give up... But he told me.. Don't worry we backstreet..

      Oh Lord!

      When first time met when he ask my name ,he always look at my thighs... :@

    • Look into getting a restraining order from the police... But just keep rejecting him, you don't need to go out with someone that you don't like.

  • Tell him directly that you're not interested in him and if he would ever follow you again then you'd have to take some hard steps.

    Give him warning that you'll complain about him in the police department.

    I'm sure he'll stop chasing you after that ,if he has a organ called "brain" in his upper floor lol.

    You should to learn to stand up for yourself otherwise he'll do the same thing again and again.

  • Yes, tell the police. This is harassment.

    • Would police process about this thing...

      Or maybe I have to change number :-(

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    • Police here are f***ing materialistic


    • Then you take care of it yourself. You get a new phone. You get a new number. You arm yourself in whatever way you can.

  • You gave him your phone number AND agreed to a date? Don't you see the flaw in your logic? Call him back, tell him you are not going on the date and he is not to contact you any more.

  • Wait a sec... So your single? You tell the guy your married? Then still give him your phone number? You realize this all happend because you didn't say no the first time and had to lie...

    • That time I won't to give my number , but when I left him he keep walking and follow me.. And told me if you won't to give your number I won't to stop to following u.. Finally I gave my number.. And I told him I am marry lady(hopeful he stop to chase me).but he don't believe it :-(

      Just now I block him on whatsapp..

  • These guys don't sound like nice or good guys. Can you try blocking their numbers on your phone?

    They seem really pushy and I don't want to imagine what they want.

    • for me it is harassment if he wanted me to come to his apartment ( they think I'm whore!). and when he asked for my number, he did not turn away from my thighs

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