Age old question, What are we to each other?

Been dating for 3 months.

Things going great.

Spend weekends together, almost all day and night.

He contacts me almost daily just to say Hi.

Treats me like a queen, very good to me and has bought me gifts.

He waited almost 2 months for sex.

Been on 3 short trips together

Basically we aere so enjoying each other, but neither of us has asked the other what we are, nor have we said how we feel for each other.

Actions speak louder than words and he is wonderful so I know he likes me.

Hes told a lot of his friends about me, and his sister knows of me, but I Haven't met his mom.

I have never spent the night at his house but usually stay there until 5 am.

at this point I'm just taking it slow myself and there is no pressure from him but wanting opinions, I don't want to date him forever.


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  • Enjoy dating while it lasts and ask him what you are when you feel you want to know. You've been dating for 3 months, you barely know each other and you are yet in that stage of the relationship when everything is idyllic, he doesn't fart, always smell good and you never disagree on anything.

    Let the relationship to settle, know each other and then move forward. Maybe in 6 months you won't like him at all, or he might not like you at all. My opinion: it's too soon to know where your relationship is going, but if you want to define it you can do it as soon as you feel you need to.

    • hey very good answer I agree I think we really just need to continue to get to know each other still. A lot of people think at this point something should be defined but as I get older the longer it takes me to define something. thanks :)

    • No problem. It's the obvious answer, but things are harder to see when we're involved. I guess that's the point of asking others, right? ;-)

      I noticed that as we get older and more comfortable with ourselves, a lot of "teenager" needs vanish. Like labeling relationships or setting milestones. I still like to be exclusive when sex begins, but I don't worry about whether she's the one or not anymore. I let things follow their due course :-)

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