Is 3-4 days too much with no contact when seeing a new guy?

Do you find waiting 3 days (which means writing on the fourth) too long without any texts?

We´ve been out 4 times, and he kissed me last time we were out. I think he´s waiting for me to initiate contact with him this time, since he´s been the one doing it most often, and since he was the one to kiss me. I honestly had a busy day today and I don´t want to text at silly moment in the day, like morning or late evening. Will he think I´m not interested if I wait 4 days to write to him again?


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  • I'd say that he's waiting on you.

    • I think so too. But am I signaling disinterest if I wait so long to contact him?

    • It's hard to tell exactly how he's read it. As he could think that you're just nervous after having kissed him, but he could also take it that you didn't like his kissing you. Since most people tend toward seeing things a negative light, he probably is taking it as a sign of disinterest. But, if you contact him and show interest, then he should get over it fairly fast.

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