Texting after a slew of bad dates

Hi, I met a girl on a dating site and we went on a few dates, but honestly there never seemed to be a whole lot of chemistry. I might be willing to give it another shot, but I am not one to drag something out that's not there.

Anyway, while I am brand new to online dating specifically. In all other dating cases like these I usually just allow the communication to die out and leave it be.

In this case however, I will most likely see this girl every once in a while since we share similar activities.

Do you think its prudent for me to send a text or call and basically just be honest. Something to the affect of..enjoyed hanging out with you but didn't seem like there was a lot of chemistry, but I'm sure I'll see you around (Obviously I won't write/say what I just did, but you get the idea?)


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  • you're only doing that because you will run into her again right? If you would like to call, it's polite to do, but don't send such a message I'm sure she'll get the message if you don't contact her in a week.


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  • I don't know its a tough call , if you don't think it was working out maybe she felt the same way . might of been obvivous it wasn't going anywhere and no need to further explain it . but I agree sometimes its just not there and no point trying to go further