How long does it take you to get back to her?

I just started seeing a guy. We've been on 3 long dates and he's kissed me at the end of the last 2 dates. We talked about doing dinner this week, but didn't plan the details of time and place. We may not be dating exclusively, but I would think we were dating.

His phone has been pretty screwed up, sometimes getting messages days after they were sent, and it doesn't hold a charge. This weekend, I gave him my old phone to borrow, said he could switch his number over to that one and use it. Unfortunately, I did not wipe it all clean. I deleted texts and emails, but not photos. Which, in a way is good too because I forgot to back-up my photos. I text him yesterday afternoon to say hello before I realized I didn't back-up my pics, but he didn't respond. Last night around 8pm, I called and left a message saying I forgot to back up some of my pics, and could he please bring my old iPhone with him to dinner later this week. I also asked him to call me back when he got a minute. I haven't gotten a call back.

How long should it take for him to get back to me? Since he hasn't responded, I'm getting worried that not only could I not see him again, but that I won't get my pictures either. What could be happening that he hasn't gotten back to me yet?


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  • How long does he usually take? If it's being longer than usual, something might have came up and another phone call would be in order. If a couple days (and a couple of phone calls) pass by and you have no new from him... it's a lost cause.

    • I've never called him before, so I don't know. Generally we text or we met in person. Sometimes it would take days for him to respond to my text, but he would say that he just got the message because his phone doesn't work that well. When he left on Sunday, he said he would text me in the next day or so, so I thought he would respond when I asked how his day went yesterday. When should I try calling again if I don't get a response?

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    • I don't know if I'm clingy. I typically will text once or twice after a date and if there is no response, I will stop and wait for him to get back to me. Or I might check in a week later if I still haven't heard anything. It's so hard with this guy because I have no idea if he's getting my messages. I just wish he would tell me, not just leave me to wonder. When I called him, I did say I'm calling because I'm not sure if your phone is getting text messages (which he told me it may not)

    • Being clingy is not a black and white thing, there's a full gray scale. It's about finding the one who's OK with your clinginess (and the other way around). If you're very clingy but the other person is not, chances are that both will suffer in the long run. If you're very distant but the other person is not, it's all the same. So, if you want to call, just call. He might like it. If he doesn't like it when you call him as much as you want, then he's not the right guy for you.

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