How do you survive long distance?

So, I met this guy for the first time 2 years ago on the Internet and after 2 months of almost everyday talking he says he thinks only about me, likes me really much and wants to meet me. I already liked someone else and was starting to date him so I rejected him and told him to leave me alone and he did. I even blocked him, just for in case. And after a year (a couple of days after I unblocked him) he messaged me asking about me and telling me how much he's missed me. I was single at the time and as I liked him I continued talking to him (now it's been 3 months since then) and we want to be together and meet up. We text/talk on the phone every day. The problem is, he's very busy and is usually only free on Sundays. We're only 65 miles apart from each other, but the problem is lack of time on his side. Also, he often travels to another town because of work. In 2 years I'll be moving to his city to go to college, so then we'll be able to even live together. But this time before worries me.


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  • Honestly, get off of LDR relationships. The more I read about them here on this site, the more they seem to be a colossal waste of time.

    • Not every LDR is the same. I don't know what you read, but if I wanted to end it, thought of it as a waste of time and didn't care, I wouldn't even ask for advice.

    • Really? I can find you at least 40 questions on this site bitching about how one person in the LDR isn't communicating as often as the other one thinks should happen. My advice is you find a real person that you can physically interact with and go out with them. Rather than hanging on to impersonal communication and 'hopes' that you'll someday be together.

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  • look dear , leave the guys alone and ask a girl like me :D , cause I quite understand it , cause actually am in one now , and about the further reply I really understands that it is a waste of time and If it was a matter of just choice we wouldn't ever choose to be in one , but the thing is that it just happens , you find yourself attached to someone , your heart wants him/her and

    u just agree to give a chance no matter how much difficult you know it is gonna be , so tell you , HOW we survive it - is by talking heart to heart talks , there are days when we can't talk much at all , and by the way we live each in other half of the world , which makes your situation way better :D , but when we can't talk all day , we muct at leat before sleeping tell each other that we are there and an ilove you baby , goodnight , we do this over and over , secondly , we make Skype a very special thing :D it is like our weekly date ,not everyday thing to make it more effective ,we talk a lot about the dreams we want to fulfill together , we argue of course and sometimes fight too , but someone really must just give up to end it and make pass it , but our main problem is sex :S , he is very sexual active and it is hard for him to stay without sex for months till he sees me , but for you this is not gonna be a big deal , cause you said he is free every Sunday so you guys can meet ,hang out and have a regular weekly sex , if he loves you he must be okay with that , it is not that hard in your case I think , but no I agree that you must give it a try , he may be the one , and com'on he waited for you a whole year? this guy is a good material

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