Would one text and one call in one day about something REALLY important scare him away or make him think less?

I just started seeing a guy (we’ve been on 3 dates) and we have tentative plans for the weekend. His phone is dying and may or may not receive messages, so as a genuinely nice thing to do, I let him borrow my old iPhone 4 that works perfectly and told him to just have his number transferred. I gave it to him on our last date that was 2 days ago when we went to a professional ball game. Before he left, he kissed me and said he will text me in the next day or so. The following day, I sent a quick text to him about the game we had gone to together because we left early, so we didn’t know the final score, which I found out that morning. He didn’t respond to the text. That doesn’t concern me.

What does concern me is that last night I realized that I have pictures on my old phone that I didn’t back up (oops) and I actually need them for work. They are examples of equipment we are hoping to buy. So I called him yesterday evening and told him I forgot to download some of the pictures and asked if he could bring the iPhone when we get together. We also haven't discussed the time and place we are meeting, so while he said we wanted to meet, it's not a done deal.

It's now the day after and he hasn’t called me back yet. Do you think I was too hasty in of me calling him? Is it a bad thing that I text him when he said he will text me in the next day or so? I don’t want to seem pushy. Could he potentially think less of me for texting and calling in the same day? Honestly, I was a little panicked about the pictures because I need them for work and asked him to please call me back when he gets a minute.

How should I handle it if I don’t hear from him but 1. I want to see him again and 2. I need the pictures?


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  • It would be one thing if you were constantly harassing him dating wise but since you leant him your phone to be nice and needed something from it I think it's find.

    If he doesn't think so that's unreasonable and maybe reconsider dating him.

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