Why does he get mad when I don't reply to texts straight away

My boyfriend got really cross because I did not text him back asap I had left my mobile phone at home and had went out when I got home I had messages from him saying not to ignore him and when I explained I was busy he told me not to lie I text him and sometimes don't hear from him for a couple of days I understand he is busy with work and other things but I don't freak out also if we are texting at night and I haven't heard from him within half an hour I say I'm going to bed as I assume he has or is busy but then he acts like a jerk what exactly does he want me to do

Very helpful answers but my main concern is him not texting or calling me back within say an hour which I understand but when I don't reply he gets huffy why does he think it is OK to ignore me for a few days but act so differently when I don't reply asap


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  • he's just insecure. he fears that your lack of responsiveness is some sign of how you feel for him or even worse that you may be with someone else. I would have a serious conversation with him. Tell him you understand his frustration but that he's being unreasonable and he needs to practice patience and trust.

    frankly if he can't get that anger under control, and learn to trust you (rather than accusing you of lying) you need to decide whether or not that is a good situation for you. If he is insecure about that he will be insecure and distrusting of other things.

    But I think if you have a heart to heart with him and explain how he should give you the benefit of the doubt hopefully he will be more reasonable


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  • Clearly, he has trust issues.

    And because of this, he is going to cause problems in his relationship with you.

    He needs to get a grip of his emotions, and control himself.

    I think you should sit down and have a mature talk about this with him.

    It's not okay that he is acting like this.

    You do not deserve to be treated like that based on what he has probably been through in the past.

  • its a bit of an overreaction in my opinion. if he is this angry and controlling now, do you think it will get any better with time? probably not. talk to him about it, maybe he's not aware of his reactions,maybe if he's made aware of how it affects you he can change his behavior. good lucl.

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