I've been dating a man for nearly four years now what?

He and I met online he's from ohio and I'm from fl. We traveled back and forth to see each other and I moved last feb to be closer. Here's the twist he's married and she caught him in jan through an update our phones did through apple. However I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time he says he loves me and loves her as well my thing is it's been nearly four years. Did I move for nothing and am I wasting my time.


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  • You're a mistress.

    Were you expecting he'd marry you and you two would have a nice little house with a few kids? That's not what people do with mistresses.


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  • Yes you are wasting your time. And you deserve it, as you made a guy to cheat on his wife.

    • Let me clarify something since apparently your unaware how this works. It takes two and yes I'm just as guilty as he is however he found me and he came to me so before you say I made him cheat I didn't make him do anything

    • That's the beauty of it. You don't see anything wrong in what you did.

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  • Whattha? You are stupid for seeing and dating a married man. You are a mistress to him and he will stay married to his wife. I don't understand how some women get themselves involved with married men. You have wasted 4 years of your life to a man who isn't loyal to his wife...if he isn't loyal to her he won't be loyal to you. Seeing a married man is stupid.