Is he still interested and just really busy or not interested?

So this guy and I have been texting back and forth for the past week. And when we decided to go on a date, he seemed pretty excited. He invited me to a party and when I said that I didn't really feel like going, he said that it was fine and was wondering when and where would be good for me. So I responded back but then my roommate wanted to go to the party so I told him that I may or may not show up because of her. And again, he seemed pretty excited. But then when my roommate changed her mind, I told him that I wouldn't be showing up and he seemed sad by that. But then after that, we suddenly stopped talking. I mean, he's already expressed interest and that he's into getting to know me more and being around. And he's pretty busy with school. His major is no joke. So I'm wondering if he's suddenly just stopped any feelings he might have had for me or if he's just really busy with midterms and with school in general right now.

I heard that if a guy likes a girl, he'll at least send her a text or something no matter what. So I don't know. I don't want to assume anything but I don't want to be the one to constantly reach out to him either in fear that I'll be seen as needy or clingy.

Also, we "met" on Tinder. We've never actually had any face to face interaction so that's also why I'm unsure right now. But I mean, his texts have never really had any sexual content to it. His texts sounded pretty genuine, asking me questions to get to know me better. But yeah, I don't know. Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • He might have been really sad about it and just tried to forget about it so he didn't text you but just text hey an you won't seem clingy at all sometimes girls gotta make moves an if he says hey back in a good timing an convo goes well he might have been busy at first or was too afraid or embarrased to say anything (; hoped it helpef

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