me out! Texting game!

A girl I went on a date with 2 weeks ago (went very well) we were gonna meet up again at some point but she said last week that she's really busy so I said I'll let it for her to get in touch...

Anyway 1 week later and she sent me a text yesterday asking how my weeks been, about her day and what I was doing tonight (yesterday afternoon) so I replied bk said at the end no firms plans...just going with the flow...what you got planned? (about 5.30pm) Haven't had a reply back at yet!

I find it a bit rude to be honest!

Do I text her asking if she been kidnapped or something along those lines as a prompt or just leave it with her play it cool?

I am tempted to just txt how rude!

well I sent her a text today saying - hey just seeing if everything is ok? as I've not heard bk following my reply. She text bk in 1 HR, saying sorry darling I was out on an all dayer got totally wasted and don't remember anything! :o/ how was ur w/e? x
I'm just gonna be really casual now..leave it with her to contact me...

Thanks for all your help people!


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  • Good you didn't text er back initially when you said I'll let you text me.. That means your distance sort of worked.

    always remember no matter what, no one is too busy for a date, they'll FIND time..

    Its like you, if you like a girl no matter how busy you are, you'll find time for your girl. Its like I can't make it on tues, but I can on friday...

    Mate play it cool... You don't want to seem needy.

    Next time watch for these early signs to know if a girl respects and is into you or not.

    Ideally when she replies I would say I can't make it tonight because "something came up.." The reason is you don't want her thinking she can make jump. Then text her in a week if she wants to meet up..

    • Good advice dude!

      Yeah your always find time no matter what

      I'm gonna leave txting her til she txts again...

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    • This girl does not like you because she is telling you unattractive things about herself..

      GET IT IN YOUR HEAD.. don't waste time on her.

      u might aswell have fun with her, text her saying "hey.. listen you could never be my GF, I dnt think you would handle me... I don't care. You got a nice body and I wanna f*** you, come over"

      NO ONE has ever complained that "that person wants to f*** me..."

    • Yeah...good point. I'm just playing with her now, we've been txting tonight I don't put any x's at the end...

      Hahaha...good point! lol might try that one although that's not my style as I'm a gentleman...

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  • By the looks of it, she's not that interested to be honest. If she was interested she will contact everyday. You kind of acted clingy which you shouldnt do, that turns most girls off. If you acted distant at the start, I bet ya she would have been running after you, you see girls go for bad guys most of the time. She was just acting the bitch, I would dump her! Plenty more fish ion the sea.

  • ok, she will probably find it offensive if you are sarcastic. Just text her again, asking if she wants to do anything. If you still don't get a reply, she is either 1. Acually busy 2. Phone died 3. Avoiding you or 4. Something along the lines of, didn't hear phone, etc. Hope I helped :)

  • yea if I were you I wouldn't text her back. who knows maybe she broke her phone or something. one day me and my bestfriend were texting then my phone died, and I broke my charger so I had to wait for my sister to get home so I could use her charger, then the text day when I went to school (with my phone still dead) my friend came up to me and pushed me and she's like bitch why didn't you text me back. she's like your a slut nobody likes you, all because I didn't text her back. of course I don't know your friend, but if she's anything like mine she likes drama. and I don't think you want that in your relationship, whether its just friends, or more then friends.

  • im the same way as you . I like was in love with my crush but I moved onto a new guy. but my crush would be in a full conversation with me and just completely stop writing. I would resend the message like fifty times and he stilll wouldnt. maybe somethings wrong with her phone?

    just text her the next day and say heyy and see if she replies. I think if she's a B**** to you then just forget about her. I stopped texting him because I thought what's the point?

  • I've gone through the same texting problems with someone.

    They're annoying!

    If I were you, I wouldn't get in touch at all. It shows you're keeping your cool and makes it seem you're not a priority in her life. You've obviously shown her courtesy by replying promptly to her--so she knows you possess etiquette, manners, and a sliver on interest in her. By not texting her again (to ask what happened), you hint that she is NOT a priority. If she truly wants something with you, she will try her hardest to MAKE herself a priority in your life.

    Good luck!

    • Great advice...your right. Although never know something could have happened but still you would check your txts and see you haven't replied! I'm gonna completely leave it! I'm off out on a date tonight anyhows! lol

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  • Don't worry about it. I've been there before. Anything could have happened. Her phone might have died or something. I'm sure since she cares about you by asking how your week went that if she could reply to you, she would. You could send her a text saying, Hey I was just wondering if you're ok.

  • Here is one possible scenario:

    You told her to get in touch you with, but she waited a week hoping you'd show a spark of interest. After a week she gave up and went ahead and texted you, and you sent one single reply. Now she's waiting to see if you'll send another to show you like her, or if you're only replying to be polite. After all, you've not made a first effort to contact her since the first date.

    Second possible scenario: She's busy. She didn't text for a week because she didn't have time to see you. Now she sent you a text, you replied, but she hasn't got time to respond.

    Either way, it's fine. And you honestly have no cause to tell her she's being rude. She sent you a text to open up some lines of communication and to test the waters, see where things are at. You're getting rather defensive, considering you had the same ability to contact her this whole time (even if you DID tell her to call first).

    • U missing the point, he tried to make time for a second date, but she "didnt have time.." then he said contact me when you do. Had he tried to contact herany more then he would have been too "pushy and needy"

      She then sent a text some week later, of which he replied with he was game for the day SHE suggested, and she didn't reply.

      What else can he do without losing his dignity..

      He has to be a strong and not waste time and money on people that don't like him...


    • I think second if you say prob not best to send a txt saying rude! lol

      Yeah chettah has got it in one. That's exacrlt where things are at. Still no reply back today my reply was sent on Sat 5.30pm! and SHE suggested to me!

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