Met a girl two weeks ago and we talk all the time, but now this?

We talk to each other every day and she gives me a hard time when I don't talk to her. She suggested we should hang out, I agreed and asked for her number and gave it to me. I sent 2 texts to say hello and stuff and she replied with one word answers.

Not a big deal but since she is always bringing up how I ignore her and stuff and how we should hang out and I get these texts back, should I just forget about it? She is OK in person but I'm certainly not the kind of guy who likes to annoy girls. I haven't suggested anything to do, so I wonder what the deal is? I'm thinking about just not talking to her that much and leaving her alone. Any suggestions?


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  • it's just texting dude. If she's fine in person, then what's there to worry about? At least she's actually replying, right? Even if it's just 1-word.