Meeting a girl for the first time, is she interested?

I had never met her in person, I'm meeting her in two weeks we both live in Texas but different cities but I have family where she lives at, we started talking in a dating app about two months ago. We text everyday, but I usually text her first she has text me first but not always. When I text her she always replies but her texts are not always short, she does reply long texts a lot of times and ask me a few questions sometimes. She even told me she wrote down the date I'm going to see her. But one thing that confuses me is that when ever she feels sad she never wants to talk about her problems to me, why is that ? And most of the time I text her first but like I said she does not ignore me and a lot of times she does respond with a decent size text not always short ones. I'm being friend zone ? Or maybe she wants to see what will happen after we meet ? I'm just very curious.


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  • It might be too early for her to open up, as you haven't met yet.

    I have noticed something, that one shouldn't schedule a date that is too far away in time. Once the date is agreed upon, what are you going to talk about, what is she going to think meanwhile ? It's a bit touchy a subject.

    • I have a few places in mind where I want to hang out, I'm not sure what are we going to talk about but there are things I want to ask her in person rather then text cause texting takes a while.

    • I meant, now you have agreed upon a date, in two weeks. As she might be a bit frightened (you know, meeting a stranger), she'll have lots of time to think about seeing you or not. So conversations might be difficult to entertain, and she might blow some hot and cold in the next two weeks.

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