Which has more ups and downs (need serious help)?

okay I am a dude of 21

and I dating 2 women/girls

i don't have a relationship with them

it just to find if we match

but the first one I started dating was 16 now 17

and the other is 30 years old

and I like them both

so now I am thinking of wich of the women have more ups en downs I mean like ups and downs that has to do with the age

thank you for your time


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  • 30 is too old for you; that is onee GIANT 'down' point, full stop.

    It sounds like the other one is your own age, so focus on her!


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  • Somehow it's a bit strange a woman who's 30 would want to date a 21yo. Try to think and figure out why she's dating you.

    The 17yo might still be young, but the age difference is already more common, especially in this direction.

  • imo, 9 years older is a reason to raise caution. and anything below 18 is creepy.

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