Would you seriously date someone that you met online?

Are women are less likely to meet a guy they meet online?

Why would you meet someone who you meet on Internet ?

have you meet them on Skype?

well I would like a video chat with them way before I will meet them in person lol

it is sort of Romantic meeting someone from anther part of country

below is my own dating profile


With that said who will be my online girl friend

most be between the ages of 18 and 27

I prefer someone closer to my age

most be able to talk online

most be a 8, 9 or a 10 in looks scale haha

I prefer a model ,actress or musicians

most be sweet and open minded

I want cute light skin girl mixed with black and white just like zoe


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What Girls Said 1

  • I've dated men I met online, online dating sites. A lot of people do that.

    • i tread and never leads anywhere because in michigan people are not frendly however I meet better women in other states

    • Whoa your from Michigan to? I have actually gone out with 4 women in Michigan I have meet online. On the other side when I was in California I couldn't even get a girl to respond, so maybe girls in different states have different tastes in men?

    • thats right but more of a hollywood type of guy lol

What Guys Said 1

  • No I haven't but I would be open to it.