Please oh Please help this Worrier!

Hi there! Umm, so I have had kind of this streak of being kindof awkward or weird a bit after the first date few dates with the guy. I begin to worry waaay to much afrer awhule, like why isn't he texting me back? What did I do? He must be talking to someone else. He doesn't like me anymore. I just, I get to these crazy conclusions! It effects me too when I hangout with the guy as well. I also have this boy that I really lke and he likes me too, and sometimes if he doesn't text me back imediatly go to these conclusions. it actually gets really bad with my worrying and I like this guy a lot and don't want this to effect how we'll be nor do I want him knowing I worry too much :/

Please help loves!


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  • practice patience and don't assume the worst. understand that some people are not glued to their phones or simply don't respond right away

  • I think you need to realize that people have other things in their life than texting. I think in both cases they might just be busy, if not they may just not want things to go to the point when texting back and forth constantly. but then again maybe it is just me that doesn't like to text all the time.


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