HELP!!! Is he interested? or not?

Ok so I really like this one guy and I've been liking him for about 5 months already and we use to text before and he would be the one that would text me first and say things like " I wanna see you" and etcc... and now he never texts me. It was his b-d like two weeks ago and I told him happy b-d and he just said a simple "thank you" after like 8 hours. And I never replied to him but he hasn't text me since that time either... does he not want to talk to me anymore?


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  • You say he texts you first but did you initiate contact or meeting up? If not, I understand him, he got a bit fed up with taking the initiative all the time and got the feeling you're not interested.

    If you did take initiative, I don't know what could be going on, maybe he got things going on or is really busy or maybe someone else scooped him up? You could ask him or just say: "hey, what's up? haven't heard from you in a while"

    • yea we did meet up and hung out like three times but he went on a summer vacation and when he came back he said he wanted to see me and I told him OK and he never texted me back to hang out :(

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    • but what if he has someone else? :( I feel really sad because I just moved to college and I really miss him

    • You won't know until you heard him ;) just try. If he has someone else, then it must be that he wasn't that interested in you from the start and you can find someone who genuinly has interest in you. You could text him something like: "hey, what's up? Time we meet up again, right? I'm almost starting to miss you ;)"