When should I give up on a girl?

7 dates and seems like its pulling teeth to get her to text me, or meet up with me. I text her sometimes and she disappears on me. Like really>>> So fusturating ! I 1-10 schd I guess doesn't help much. Also to stressed, or tried from her job. Time to just move on, stop bothering her? If she wants me let her come to me and text me?

If I try to kiss her, she tells me should we give me a shiner, or punch me? Like REALLY? ?

WTF? is wrong with her.


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  • well... I agree with your last statement haha. I think it's time to move. I mean that's what I'd personally do. relationships are supposed to be fun and about compromise, not stress and frustration.

    she needs to sort out her priorities and that isn't going to happen if she's in a relationship. and apart from that you owe it to yourself to move on and maybe later on be in a happy relationship. one where you don't have to be so confuse most of the time.

    just let her down easy though... in a break up, that's when a person shows their true colors so be careful and goodluck :)


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