I can't stop thinking about her, please help?

so me and my ex dated for 3 months. I've tried to get over her. she knew me better than anyone. I knew her. we trust each other completely and are very open to each other. we faught a little while we were dating but we've changed a lot and are better. I want to try again but she is going lesbian but she says she still wants me and I'm at the top of the list. but I'm the only guy she wants. we were talking about well gently getting into doing something together sexually. and now I can't stop thinking about her I even dreamt about her. should I tell her? should I tell her I need her. lay everything down? try to tell her we've both changed id like to give us another chance? I can't get over her and don't want to get over her she's so perfect to me. I've never seen anyone like her. she knows my every secret. everything no one else in the world knows.


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  • who left who ? why is she is your ex now ? did you leave her ? or she left you , reply so I can answer u

    • I left her. cause we were in a big fight and she got defensive and got real mad. she apologized. but I tried to get back together and she denied me.

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    • thanks ill take your advice

    • trust me , it happened to me ,and many of my friends , it is the right thing to do I swear<3 :)

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