I still have feelings but confused if he does?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for about a year now but in that year we have seen each other over and over and its not been like 4 months since we saw each other. We both have dated other people etc.. about a month ago he texted me and I knew he was getting to know this girl but couple of days ago I saw him on a dating website. I messaged him and told him hello, I had told him to loose my number before so I felt pretty stupid messaging him but to my surprise he did message me back but with a "who is this: I was like really? I know I look different but common.. anyways long story short he ended up texting me last night and we texted back and fourth about life, work etc.. and towards the end of the conversation he started to bring up the past and not the good past of our relationship but how I dumped him etc.. I told him to stop that it was the past.. anyways he didn't text back and I saw him online on that dating site and he sees me but he has not messaged me nor texted me.. I don't know what approach to take with this, I'm confused because I care so much about him and I want him back in my life but I don't think he wants me or else he would be texting me or making an effort.. help me


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  • Some advice: You hurt his pride and then aren't willing to talk about it. Why wouldn't he want to stop texting. You still aren't letting him build up his ego.

    You say the past is past but it's obviously overhanging him since he still loved you despite your breaking up motion. He's hurt, he's rejected, he probably will take time to actually be in a new relationship again since he got burned one year ago.

    You say you still care for him,etc...therefore take the cue and talk with him re the past. If you aren't interested in getting back, close this chapter and just move on. If you want something again, apologize for how you acted yesterday, that you'd like to take sometime to talk how he's really feeling and esp in relation to last year. His ego is fragile and needs some rebuilding. You would be that person who could help. Be nice though.

    • Thank you so much for your response.. I understand his ego is hurt but I've apologized so many times already, I have even let my guard down with him.. 4 months ago I even asked him that we should get back together and see if we can work things out again, I thought he was going to say OK since he had been over my house that weekend and we had a great time but he said no! that crushed me into pieces but I still love him so much and its not over for me but I'm getting the feeling it is for him.

    • when you broke up with him, you hurt him ,he wasn't over it but instead went along with it and ended up getting even by hurting you back

    • Yep, it's his pride. I would say let him talk about it with you. It's his way of venting and soothing his pains. Don't hold unto what he did 4 months ago. Just be sympathetic, let him talk when he wants to bring it up and then see whether he will build up the courage to feel wanted again. You need to work on soothing his ego, boosting him up, making him feel like he's the only man you want from now on...THAT IS, if you want to date him again. If you're fed up. Forget it.