Have you ever personally met an outright gold digger?

I see guys complaining about gold diggers but I want to know who has actually met an actual gold digger before in the flesh?

Most of the guys I've seen complain about them couldn't even get a date if their life depended on it so how would they even be in a position to complain about them when they couldn't even get a date with them to begin with?

Have you ever met a gold digger or been scammed by one before? How did you find out? Do you have a friend who is a gold digger? How are they?


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  • "Most of the guys I've seen complain about them couldn't even get a date if their life depended on it so how would they even be in a position to complain about them when they couldn't even get a date with them to begin with?"

    Can I tell you that I love you? lol

    Exactly. Most guys claiming that girls only go for money are just bitter because they can't get girls who are pretty, while they are not themselves. They're not willing to lower their standards, and end up blaming it on the girls.

    I currently don't know any gold diggers, and you're right, they're not that common. I knew this girl at school, her mom would only agree to let her go out with boys who come from rich families. She's rich herself, so... I think it's not that bad. Most women I know go for guys who have decent jobs - as in earns enough to live and have a little bit to save for rainy days or vacations. Most women are into guys who can take care of himself, who can make a living for himself, who is not a loser.

    • Yes you can tell me you love me.

      That situation sounds like she just wants her daughter to have a similar lifestyle. While I'm one to preach "Money can't buy happiness" and all that, I think the mother probably doesn't want her daughter with a son who would be considered a "bum." Doesn't seem like she's looking to make her daughter use men to have them buy her gifts and such.

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    • Do you consider a guy to be a looser if he has a job that only makes him a small amount of money?

    • how much he makes is not my concern. As long as he earns enough to be independent, it's fine. I'm more interested in what he does to earn that money. Let's put it this way: I'd rather go out with a school teacher (earns not much, just enough for himself, but teaches kids morals for that money) that with the owner of a cigarette company (very rich, but sells poison for that money). Get it now?

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  • I know a few gold diggers. they just go for guys with the big bucks and won't do anything unless they get gifts or money from the guy. I see them as one in the same as I see guys who just go for girls for their looks and body and only want sex. same difference.

  • I'm a semi-golddigger. I am very independent. I have two cars, an apartment, and a great job...but I only go after men who have "real" money. I'm not talking about NFL or NBA rich...or am I talking about McDonalds or Burger King poor ...I go after men who can spare several hundred dollars with no problem or questions asked...but only if I needed it.

  • Guys can be gold diggers too. My best friend married one. Her family builds houses in rich housing developments. He worked with his dad clearing lots. When they first dated, his family loved her because he started going to work and being self sufficient. He treated her very well at first and convinced her to get married. The day they returned from their honeymoon, he quit working. He 'needed time off'. So she goes on to pay all the bills, even his cellphone, thinking something will change. Eventually after some arguments, he told her to ask her family if he could work with them. Her family refused because he was so lazy. She was working such long hours at this point, paycheck to paycheck to pay for everything solo, that she wasn't home to cook. He started going over his friend's house for dinner. She found out that he started f***ing his friend's 15 year old sister. She threw all his crap outside and told him to come get it asap or she was lighting it on fire. They're divorced. I hope this never happens to me. It was amazing how much this guy changed once they got married. What a con artist.

    • That sounds pretty twisted, especially the jailbait part.

      I actually had jury duty with a similar situation. Druggie couple moved into our village and the guy barely made any money while the girl lived on an inheritance. They eventually blew the money. Funny part is that the guy was working but yet never made a single rent payment, then started stealing from the girl's account and when she confronted him on it they fought and he raped her.

    • Wow. That's really bad. I had been pretty scared for my friend when she confronted him. She is 5'5" and he was 6'7", maybe 275 lbs. I went over her house before he got there to pick up all his junk from the front lawn. I expected that he would get physical with her because he was a very confrontational person, but he didn't. He slink off with his tail between his legs. Good for him because I definitely would've called the cops on him.

  • i find it hilarious how guys on this site complain about "gold diggers" when a lot of guys on this site do not even make enough money to be the target of a gold digger. they're just mad because no girl wants them so they blame it on money, when really they're just ugly or have a bad personality.

    • more proof that girls only want model looking guys

    • how? everyone cares about looks to some extent. nobody wants someone who is ugly, that doesn't mean you ONLY care about looks. if a really ugly fat girl approached you you would reject her so don't lie. and how many times are you going to post the exact same comment? all you're doing is going around looking for things to validate your stupid belief. you must be very insecure.

    • I built up my physique over the last 1-2 years and now am going on less dates than I did when I was super skinny so clearly not all girls are looking for model guys.

  • My cousin, a young guy who a family known to have money started dating this girl. It takes 2, but she knew he was not divorced yet, so she got pregnant on purpose. She said "OK no commitment," but then later he had to marry her because of the baby. She always used him and his family for every cent she could.

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  • The only one incident I encountered was when I was in the ladies and overheard twoyoung girls talking about how they wanted to gold dig their new found partners. Just felt disgusted


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  • Well, I've never dated black or Asian girls, and I'm only dated one Hispanic girl, and she turned out to be an obvious overt in-your-face-and-if-you-have-a-problem-with-it-you-can-leave gold-digger. So, I don't want to suggest that only Hispanic girls are gold-diggers, or that Hispanic girls are gold-diggers, or that black and Asian girls are or are not. I'm just saying, that's how the deck happened to unfold in my own personal experiences.

    She was studying psychology, and I didn't mind - even though I'm just like anyone and prefer my partner to have aspirations, educational credentials, and good career prospects (i.e., high potential earnings). But she wanted to date only guys going into biochemistry (i.e., pre-med), pre-law, or finance. Luckily or unfortunately, I was studying finance.

    We met at a gathering of mutual friends, 4 other guys asked for her number that night - I'm the only guy she gave her number to. Not flattering, plus the other 4 guys were my friends, so it sort of made things awkward between all of us after that.

    Our first date was pretty normal. We smoked weed, hung out at my place, and I thought we had a connection. I mean, we did have a connection. I thought she was pretty smart and the intellectual type, so I felt a connection. I just misjudged her character. I had high hopes for her.

    By our second date, she said something along the lines of "my eggs aren't getting any younger" and that she needs me to commit and guarantee that we're going to have children no later than 2 years from that day, and get married no later than one year from that day (she was 29, I was 20 at the time). Then she went on to try and lure me with, "I can stay home and take care of you, wear sexy outfits for you when you get back from work each day," which I must say, I've never been more insulted as a man. I just nodded my head to get through the night, and I just texted her to break things off when I got back home.

    That's probably the most overt in-your-face example of a gold-digger I've encountered.

    Most women are actually more tactful than that.

    The test I like to play on girls is to just tell them that I don't believe in marriage, because my parents got divorced, and they didn't believe in divorce when they got married, but it happened. Then I suggest that we just draft up a contract to govern our relationship, where we promise to support each other "so long as we're still together." 9 time out of 10, soon thereafter I hear, "so, what happens when we're no longer together?" In other words, "who is going to support me then?" To which my mental internal reply is, "sorry hunny, everyone wants something for nothing, but the world doesn't work that way. If I'm not getting anything from you, then you're no longer getting anything from me, that's just the way it works."

  • Well first of all, most guys don't make enough money to be the target of a gold digger so its unlikely you'll meet a guy who can say yes to this question unless you hang out with a bunch of executives or something.

    that said, I do think that a girl I dated was sort of one. She came from a pretty low income family and had moved to my state to follow a previous BF. She was sort of a rebel without a cause and was living with a co-worker and her dad. My family was pretty well off, I had a good job and good future potential and I think she saw that. Within a few weeks of dating her, she was already talking about getting an apartment with me. Shortly after that I realized she was crazy and broke up with her and in hindsight I think she was simply using me to have a place to stay and not have to live with her co-worker who she was feuding with. So in a way she was a gold digger.

    Also for the record. I would not like a gold digger ever. If I could tell that a girl was just with me for my money and really didn't truly love me for me. I don't think I could stay with her very long. Sure I might take advantage of this in a sexual way, but I probably wouldn't stick with her for long. The relationship would just feel phoney.

  • I know one. She's a good friend of one of my co-workers. She'll play 2-3 rich men/athletes @ a time. It appears that she finds these men & pricey clubs/lounges. She dances with them, goes home with them for a hook up & then doesn't return their calls right away. She lets them pursue her with gifts. One guy bought her a Porsche! Apparently, once she's had her fill with a man, she moves on. She always says "no one can say no to an Asian girl in a tight red dress". She's pretty cute. It's horrible-

  • Just one...

    A girl who was/is a friend of mine, who lives in a giant mansion down the block from me... and pretty much the same as what shadowscapes said - I hung out with this chick a lot... many times as just a silent observer, and the things that I witnessed her do makes Hitler seem like a sweetheart (lol a little exaggeration here). However, she was good to me - I never paid a bill whenever we went out, we did coke together, painted the town red, etc... and even though I never got to bang her, she was still kinda fun to hang out with... but she has NO ONE who could possibly love her.

    This girl's own father despises her, he would call her "a bum", he would throw water on her face, etc... and this girl wouldn't even bat an eye. She was stone cold. Her best friend was asking me, "Mike, why are you hanging around with xxxx? Don't you know she's a f***ing prostitute?"... this was her best friend talking to me RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! xxxx didn't even blink.

    Think of the Audrey Hepburn character from "Breakfast at Tiffany's," but with the ruthless, calculating streak of misery of a black widow. She joined that Ashley Madison website, and she gets a sugar daddy once every year or so. She just came back from Manhattan after living there for the last year with some poor sap. She was given the pink slip, and now she's on the hunt for another sucker...

    and this girl is only 22 years old. I can't think of ANY man as manipulative or emotionally void as this "girl" is... and she's only 22... smh

    • oh my god! and she's from NY! dude! I think I know who you're talking about! was she a small-time model, is she really short, like 4'11" or so? 90lbs? is her dad in construction? does she have an original Salvador Dali hanging in the middle of her living room?

    • LMAO no...

      She's from St. Paul Minnesota - she just used to live in New York.

      She's like 5'4 or 5'5, and her father is in some artistic field.

  • Yes I've known a few. My friend is a young multi-millionaire who owns an equity company, and most of the girls he dates are gold diggers. Some of them have cheated on their boyfriends to have a chance with him.

    I have a step-aunt who I suspect might be a gold digger who married my fairly wealthy uncle. She is about 20 years younger than him, has fake boobs, and is very attractive for a woman her age.

  • yes. I knew a friend since high school.

    she was always nice until one bad guy who cheated on her, manipulated her, convinced her they would get married, scammed her into buying him a car for the both of them to share forever, and he dumped. he was great in bed, so I hear, so even being heartbroke she still wanted sex from him (which he was so eager to provide).

    but she also gold-dug lots of other guys, cheated on them and manipulated them, to, I guess, do to them, what her ex did to her. she went beyond exploiting mens desperation, lying every chance she could.

    she was extremely nice to me though. took me out to nice dinners, did lots of great stuff for me, was a good companion, but I was just sickened by how she treated other people. at one point, I decided to cut things off with her.

  • Sometimes you can just tell. . If a woman is broke or living check to check with a lot of bills and/or she poor but got average to above average looks its a good chance that's she's a golddigger . Lucky for me I'm in love with my money so there's no way I would ever get scammed by one. There's not a woman on earth that's capable of scamming me. I don't know I guess I'm different because I'm not blinded by a woman's looks like most guys are.

  • I met a girl who was 20 who had a boyfriend in his 60s, who drove a Range Rover and wore ugly necklaces. Does that qualify as a gold-digger?

  • no girl has ever liked me or wanted to talk to me because I'm ugly , untill one year ago when a girl found out me (and my dad) had connections with a Emaratee prince that was loaded with money and she started stalking me trying to get her to introduce him to her

  • yes... I walked into a strip club . lol

  • Yea usually ghetto girls who see a white guy with a good job.. Once I explained I'm not here to pay for everything, theyre gone.

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