What is going on here? I am so confused?

i have been going out with a guy I met online since July. I would say, about 10/12 dates. last I wanted to do was go real hiking/climbing and got all dressed up for it.

instead, he drove me around the mountains and visited a few cute little towns and visited a few antique shops. after we had a late, very late lunch...i wondered if we would actually get to do real hiking becuae the sun was going to go down soon. so we just walked around town more and went around the woods a bit...not the kind of hiking I was looking for.

after that, we just sat in front of the river and stargazed which I love love love :) he even downloaded an app. that tells diff. stars or planets...all seem like a very romantic date no?

i just found out he had hidden his profile like sometime this week.

he used to call/text me daily.

this week only one time, which I initiate first.

i am getting confused with his actions..has he stopped the chase? not interested anymore?

I asked to go out last night, he said too tired (I fell rejected, but didn't say anything, since I understand that he gets done with school late). ...soooo am I thinking too much?


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  • Antiquing is a gay sport. This guy is gay.

    • haahah you think he is gay? lol

      he had three girlfriend. he is an into cars actually own a few

      we had sex a few times

      he was looking at some of the antique weapons in the shop since he was in the army before lol

      okay so can you answer my question now :P


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  • Let me ask you this...have you two had sex? If not...it is said that if sex does not happen within or after three months that men would lose interest. I know that it's unfair, but it's a likely reason that he has slacked up. Also, it's possible that you are not the only one on his list. It's also possible something stressful could have happened and he truly is tired or has a lot on his mind.

    Try not to worry too much. When he's ready to call/text you he will do just that. In the meantime, have fun with someone else.



    • Hi Shar,

      We had sex on our six date, eight date. The date after we sat watching stars, we got a hotel room because it was getting too late and he drove me home early next day because I had to get home.

      Sex was great, I told him. So by mon.night I text him. he text back saying he was too tired. he called tues. after his class. and that's it. didn't ask me out this weekend. he used to ask on a Tuesday to get my weekend since his class is Mon-thur. till 10pm.

      only heard from him once was strange

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