How does dating work?

I'm in an odd situation where I've been with the a guy for 2 years and we are in an established committed relationship.

Our relationship didn't start out with dating and then forming a just kind of morphed into a relationship without the typical steps people talk about. That and we met when we were 8 and had been best friends so there wasn't the whole "get to know you" first date. He just asked and we went for pizza and then just became a serious committed couple.

So. How does "real" dating work? Like, you go from not knowing someone to dating/being in a relationship with them.

What are the typical steps?


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  • OMG you are so very lucky. Relationships are so much better when you have a mutual trust built upon years of knowing someone in a platonic situation, and you can just be yourself without filtering and really get to know them truly. Dating is a contrived social fabrication (usually born from the biological instinct to pass our genes on to the next generation) where people put on an act and filter their thoughts and personality to do/be what they think will impress the most, often keeping secrets, and this kind of dating often results in short term relationships that become sexual (along with its risks) before the couple realize that they really aren't that compatible anyway so they split up! Ironically, some people call this 'getting lucky'. I call it 'getting unlucky' (especially if you pick up an STI or get yourself pregnant)! My idea of 'getting lucky' would be meeting another person with a policy of 100% honesty so we could get to know each other openly, only to discover that we're actually a good match for a long term friendship first and with plenty of intimacy after getting to know them properly first.


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  • Well In my opinion which is pretty much Aristotle's view on this. Id say it goes like so.

    !. interested


    3. close friends

    4. crush

    5. date

    There at least a hundred ways to go about dating but do things you guys enjoy, if you like the outdoors have a picnic, go to a theme park like cedar point. go to a nice restaurant or see a movie.

    Most of these cost money though but you can set up areas to meet each other say the park or a store.

    Just have fun and remember to enjoy your time together, don't get to worried about what he is thinking because ninety percent of the time it's going to be about just how good you look.

    It's a crap answer sorry but the best I can do before breakfast.

  • How it. Works.

    Men do all the approaching planning paying etc.

    Women do nothing recieve everything give nothing on return

    Then leave for someone else.

    Well it seems you are a woman so good for you.

    I will now wait for all the women. Who will


    • Bitter much?

    • No but that down vote shows bitterness because you don't accept the truth.

      Still waiting for more :D

  • Doesn't matter how the relationship formed. You're in a relationship and how you met is always a different story.

    Typically my idea of dating is going out in public with each other about once a week or at least twice a month.


    Spending time with each other without the ability of spending money, but this requires more time and effort on both sides.

    Once again, these are only my ideas. So please don't start disagreeing =S


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  • God, I really hate the whole idea of "typical steps of forming a relationship". Each relationship is different and will be formed differently. I don't think there are any real steps, but in my experience it starts with a first date that involves kissing (maybe sex), which will continue for 2-4 weeks, simply when one of them is fed up with the vague sh*t of 'are we together or not'? Anyhow, f*** dating, it sucks.

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