Will he be disgusted by me?

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Would he be disgusted by me? GUYS ANSWER?

HI guys this is my situation.

Im a young girl 20 years old, I'm skinny never been fat, have nice face nice hair, and a very nice personality. I work out and do a lot of squats so I have a good butt shape but its full of stretch marks I mean white ones covering my entire butt. I know almost everyoone has them but I've seen all of my friends on the beach and a bunch of girls and I can say they have them but they are not nearly as bad as mine, they can rock their swimsuits without problem.

The fact is that I'm dating this guy and everything is perfect, we have such a great time together and I'm really happy, he's very goodlooking with such nice personality that he can have any girl. But I'm really scared that when he sees my stretch marks he will be disappointed mainly because I once heard him say that stretch marks are so ugly bla bla bla. He says he loves my body and I can't tell he finds me attractive and his friends have told him that I'm so hot but he hasn't see me without clothes. Lately he has been on and on about going to the beach but I'm so scared that he sees me in a bikini he won't like me anymore.

altough the shape is really good because all of the excercise I do, I see my butt skin and it depress me I can't imagine what he will think.

what do you guys think? do you care a girl with an aweosome butt but full of stretch marks, please don't say that if he loves me he won't care because obviously he doesn't love me yet cause we are dating!


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  • he says you are hot, just trust that.

    i don't know it is a disgusting amount of stretch marks perhaps it may be a turn off but I imagine that you see it worse that it actually is...we are often our own worst critic


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  • He is dating you. He finds you hotter than every other girl on the planet. Stop obsessing.

  • I think you don't understand what disgust means.

    Do you look like a 30 day old corpse bloated by methane and bleached white by the sun? No?

    Then stop freaking out.


What Girls Said 1

  • I have stretch marks on my thighs and I must admit it bothers me, no guy has ever said anything about them yet...just relax, its only a few scars, if he likes you he will like you for you not because you have stretch marks.