Why won't he open up?

I'm talking with this guy long-distance (for over a month) that I met off a dating site but while he is open to hearing about me, he keeps it light with himself and we don't talk too serious about him. Is it because we haven't met (but we talk for hours on Skype everynight) so I'm confused as to what he's thinking or why he won't open up more...


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  • he could just be a guy who doesn't open up much or it could have to do with the fact that he's keepign something from you... I don't know

    frankly you have to figure it out talking with him.

    -he could be guarding information because he is nervous about divulging too much info to a relative stranger

    -he could just not be one to open up about himself

    -he could have ulterior motives and being cagey so you just don't know much about him.

    just ask him specific things, work to get him to open up. but I would be concerned abotu a guy who seems especially closed off. you could also just out and out ask him, "hey you don't like to open up much do you?" "I really want to know YOU, tell me somethings about yourself you don't tell a lot of people"


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  • Men are naturally more stoic, like really I thought it was common knowledge among women by now...

    We don't wanna talk feelings all the time, and the reason we don't tell how much money we make or what our assets are worth is to protect against golddiggers and extortionists.


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  • he might be hiding something, I would be careful