Blind date worked out in the worst way possible, what can I do different?

Ok so my friend was setting me up with this girl that I had lots in common with and we texted a few times but never met till tonight and well I really went head over heals for her. I wrote a poem and made her her favorite drink to really make a good impression. When I got there she was flirting with these to guys. I wanted to get their attention off her so after trying to talk to her unsuccessfully about our interests I turned to them instead and got in an argument bout communism. Well it worked, they got totally distracted and she left all three of us. Well later I saw her with one of the guys. My heart is shattered and I hate being alone.

What the hell am I doing wrong?


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  • Too much, too soon. You wrote her a poem having never met her before. Made her favorite drink again having never met her, and I kinda don't understand - did you bring it out with you to meet her. And the icing on the cake you got into an argument with some guys she was talking to. She got a glimpse of what a relationship with you would be like and wrong as it mean be that glimpse showed you as overbearing, jealous, argumentative, possessive basically all the things we try to avoid.You don't have to change who you are just tone it down.

    She wasn't a completely innocent party either. If you're meeting up with a guy for the first time you might have other guys chancing their arm but you either move places or focus you're attention on the guy you're meeting so they'll leave.

    It was a combination of everything that made this go so wrong.

    • Thanks, I know I was a bit... excited :P I just haven't had much luck lately and here was this awesome gal who was texting me say she thinks its so hot I write poetry and ect.

      Btw the poem wasn't deep and sappy it was like a cute Irish style limerick. And yah it was just a mocha :P so I brought it with me and she loved it...

    • I know what a Limerick is VERY well. Honestly she just seems like she just likes attention. Maybe in future don't bare yourself so quickly, keep a little back for yourself, see if they earn the right to get to know you. Afterall that's half the fun of a relationship, finding out who the other person is, what makes them tick. Plus if it doesn't work out it won't feel like you've bared your soul to someone only for them to throw it away. You genuinely sound like a good guy, don't change that

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  • Trying to impress her . Be yourself from the start. It is who you are going to be tomorrow, two weeks from now, maybe 2 years from now. If she doesn't like who you are, there are others who will. Have fun for now. Find a friend or several, they may evolve into girlfriends. No need to be heartbroken and lonely . Go find some friends and above all, be yourself !

  • You tried to hard and it sounds like she is not that into you.

    She might be the kind of girl you want to stay away from too... It really sounds like she doesn't care a bit about you.

    You'll meet someone way better who will respect you!

    • Thanks but it just sucked because she acted like she was before we actually met and she and I had so much in common. I guess I got my hope up to high?

  • try impressing her!

    • I really did :P I made a poem I wrote in calligraphy made mocha at home and she still was not into me I guess.

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  • You wrote her a poem, for one. Being romantic and sappy doesn't work anymore. Girls want a prick who's going to be mean to them in a subtle way and make them feel like there's a change to "fix" the guy. You thought that telling these guys about how great Communism is was going to win her over? Ha!

    • I actually argued against it. lol And no I wasn't thinking and just tried to get their attention off her.

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    • We'll see when she is living in a 5 person mud hut due to communist values lol

    • Hahaha! Touche :P