Why did he say something like this ?

i asked a guy would be like to date me

he says I would love to date you


he said we would go on a date on Sunday... but he barely contacted me .

he has this scene of making plans with me and suddenly disappearing. He works in a company. seems to be very busy. Not sure what he is trying to do. On my birthday he told me to come to his place , he gave me his address. but when time was nearing to go to his place. I called him he didn't pick up the phone. MOreoever I went to his home. He gave me slightly wrong address. the security guards were stunned to see me with a wrong address too. I don't know what is he doing


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  • Yeah, he is playing it cool. He probably doesn't want t come across as being needy or desperate. You should drop him a text to make sure that plans are still on if he hasn't mentioned it

  • He just doesn't want to come across as needy and desperate.

    He's just acting cool, don't worry you'll be just fine with him, once you're together with him he'll be in contact with you a lot more frequently. He just doesn't wanna scare you off by being clingy from the start.


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