How come I can never kiss ?

I went several years before I began dating. I now am finally confident enough to ask women out and we will go out on a first date and we don't kiss or really do anything intimate but they tell me they had a lot of fun and would love a second date. Then we go out for a 2nd date and I can't ever kiss them. The date usually ends and they act nice and say they enjoyed themselvs but I never hear from them again. It has happend 3 times now and I don't know how I can get the courage to kiss them. Am I failure?


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  • Don't think like that! :) You just need to pay special attention to physical signs. Go somewhere just the two of you and maintain eye contact and lean closer to them and see if they react. If they copy what you do, hello! If they go all freakish and run away... then that's obviously a no. You'll be sweet :D

    • Thanks, I use to be like many guys on this site having a hard time to get a girl to go out with me now I can get them to go out with me but I feel like I am nervous there going to not want to spend time with me anymore or think I am creepy. But I also know so many guys on here can't even get a girl and I can but I am to affraid to even kiss them so it makes me feel that way. Also I am not good at understanding womens signs. I had a girl a few weeks ago I thought was flirty and she invited me

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    • You're welcome! Anything to help :) and good luck!

    • Thanks :)

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