Would you date a guy with ex baggage?

would you date a guy with ex baggage? his ex still call/text him maybe I should have dated a guy who ex was completely done with him.


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  • I would be reluctant to date a girl who still talks to her ex. It's not her keeping in contact with him in and of itself that's the problem. But I would make sure that she's able to leave behind the past and she is ready to fully commit to another relationship.

    • she been texting/calling his phone for almost a year now. regardless if you still seeing each other or not...shes still calling/texting you A YEAR NOW

    • my philosophy. trust them until there's a reason not to. if two people aren't even exclusive yet, there's no reason to assert who they can and cannot talk to. what exactly are you afraid of?

    • lol everybody got it except for you lol forget it dude

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  • I don't see the big deal.

    • she has been texting him and calling him our whole relationship. she still love him. how would you feel if you dated somebody who ex still call/text her?

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    • i have not met his whole family. a person who was just a fu.ck to you should be easy to get rid of. you can change your number, file a restraining order against the person or other things. it sound like to me he's not over her. first he told me she and him had sex at the back of the car that was it. then he said he been trying to get her to leave him alone going on 4 years...so if a person was just a f*** you would have been gotten rid of him/her when you are in a relationship.

    • when I'm not around he answers her phone calls. I dnt understand we been together for a year and your ex still is contacting you and you keep telling me you gonna get rid of her but he also protects her from drama. icant call her or text her or know where she stay at. he completely be mean to her but tell lies at the same time I don't know what to think of this. if your ex was bothering you that bad you can change your number or something. he lied like he filed a complaint. he filed a warning

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  • I'd definitely be careful about that. My boyfriend that I'm with now said he was just friends with his ex, but he cheated on me with her. On his phone he forgot to delete his messages and they had been talking about stuff that was way too personal for me. Personally if I were you I'd sit down with him and tell him how you feel. If he still behaves the same way and acts sneaky I would do what yoou feel is right.

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