Do you get mad when you girlfriend/boyfriend texts others while you're together?

Does your bf'/gf text other people when you two are hanging out? Do you get mad when it happens? Do you get jealous that hey are more into their texts than into you? Do you start to text someone you know to make you significant other jealous? Any answers would help, thanks.


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  • If you are hanging out with your significant other, ask them to turn their phone off. It's rude to sidetrack your attention away from your significant other while you are on a date.

    • thanks for your advice, I definitely will use it. my boyfriend does this all the time and when I say something, he gets offended

  • of course. my ex would be texting her friends and one guy in particular that was her best friend from back in the day. it always pissed me off because I felt like she was ignoring me while I was right next to her.

    on the other hand if I was already doing something, she would come over and interrupt me. if I told her to give me a couple minutes she would get mad and start pouting saying that I was messed up for ignoring her. double standards in the relationship

    • yea that's how my guy is and its frustrating. it bothers me so much

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