How important is it that the man you're dating is classy?

Do you give it much thought or not? Sometimes it doesn't seem like girls really think about who they're dating so just asking.

What traits make up a list of a classy man to you?


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  • It is, although you don't hear the word "classy" used in reference to guys very often.

    I guess gentlemanly traits come to mind - being humble, honest, proud, and caring.

  • In my case very important. I could never date someone that would show up on a dinner in a nice restaurant wearing camo and a Simpson shirt. Also burping,picking you teeth with fingers and checking out the waitress are a no-no. And,yeah,this happened to me. It was the worst date EVER. And that's not all. The guy took out his cell and calculated exactly how much the food I ate costs -.- I just paid for the whole thing and ran as I fast as I could. So in my opinion class would be:

    Good manners

    Clean clothes



    Good personal hygiene

    Well educated


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