How do you keep talking to your girlfriend?

My girlfriend has been with me for a few weeks now. We don't get the chance to meet up very often, so we often text each other instead.

At first we messaged each other good morning, but after a while, we realized we don't wake up at the same time and it would sometimes be 2pm in the afternoon before one of us saw the others' messages that was sent at 6am in the morning.

Same for night time. Once I sent her an good night sms at 11pm after I saw her off at her house, which she only saw at 12pm the next afternoon. And there I thought I did something wrong, which terrified me the whole day before she replied.

Needless to say, we don't really check out phones very often.


So what I don't get is how other couples can constantly keep texting each other daily in the morning and night time? Doesn't it get repetitive ... or meaningless after a while?

Do you end up stopping this practice after a while? How do you tell the girl "I don't see the point of sending these SMSes anymore", or do you just slowly taper it off and stop one day?


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  • I don't think you should ever stop wanting to talk to your SO. It usually slows down after the relationship goes on, but I wouldn't go for more than a day without talking to my boyfriend.

    • Is it more of talking for the sake of talking, or do both of you always find interesting things to talk about everyday?

    • Most of the time it's just checking on each other, seeing what we're doing that day, etc. But sometimes we actually talk about things on our minds, and have random conversations.

      if you two click, then thinking of things to talk about will come easy.

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