Can you have perfect chemistry with someone?

Can you have perfect chemistry with someone not be attracted to them ?.

I really like this girl we have really good chemistry, I carn't tell if she likes me.

She has a boyfriend but its hard for me I have started to have feelings for her.

I work with her, and people keep teasing our friendship.

They keep saying we have a connection, and that we should date.

I'm single so it dosen't bother me, but she has a boyfriend, she did say we should say went on a date has a joke.

I have noticed that its always me who has to speak to her.

If she was single would have been great to see how she would react.


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  • well clearly she is not into you since she is not initiating. Two of my friends from my group a girl and a guy seems to hit off pretty well we always tease them saying you guys should get married and our group need to have one friend-friend marriage to take place. They just joke and brush it off..although my girlfriend likes my guy friend but my guy friend is single and says she's not her type so they never really take each other seriously. I am sure she understands its all a joke and so do you...but again if she happens to break up with her guy then you never know;) lolll but that would be too mean! just be nice to her who knows who tomorrow holds for you! ;)


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