Ex girlfriend contacts me saying she misses me

My ex and I split up about 2 months ago ...

We still had brief contact via text she text me a few times saying she missed me and that maybe we could meet for a coffee at some stage

After I didn't contact her for 8 days she sent me 5 texts drunk one night saying she loved me and missed me and that she was sure that I was seeing someone else

I text her the next day and she said she was just drunk and that she was finding it hard ...

I sent numerous texts saying we shoukd sort it out and she said she didn't want to go back and now she is refusing to answer my texts ...

Why is she backing off and will she speak to me again . I wasn't going to contact her now for a while


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  • She was probably very embarrassed by what came out. She probably feels pretty vulnerable now. She may also be unhappy about your initial delay in responding, although that seems less likely.

    Who can say if she will contact you again? I agree that contacting her further is not likely to encourage her to respond. It may make her even more embarrassed.


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  • Move on...she seems bipolar.


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  • She's just playing games now, just move on and forget about her.

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