Is he just not interested anymore?

I met this guy a few weeks ago, but the timing was bad because I was so busy with school and I had a huge exam coming up. So I was always cancelling with plans to meet up or never following through when I said I'd get back to him.

Things have calmed down, and he knows that because we did end up hanging out a few times (and it at least seemed like he was interested). But I feel like he's playing it really cool now (before he was always texting me good morning and stuff but now he takes forever to text me back if I text him first).

Should I consider it a lost cause? I feel like if he were still interested, he'd make more of an effort to talk to me. But I also feel like I gave him the wrong impression in the beginning anyway so I don't know if that's part of the problem.


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  • The unfortunate timing may be part of the problem, although it shouldn't be much of one if you saw each other a few times after that. Maybe he isn't interested anymore. To answer the question of whether to pursue him further or not rather depends on how interested you are in him. If you really like him, it's worth a few more tries and extra effort. If you're not sure if you like him or not, it probably isn't worth fighting for him.


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