Is there anyone here Arab? I need insite on a date I had last night.

So I went out with this guy I have been talking to on a dating site who's from Iraq

last night and I *thought* it was going well. we ate,we talked,and since.they were getting ready to close he asked if I wanted to walk around outside. I said sure. So we walked around and talked about a variety of things.

That must have gone on for maybe 20min. good sign,right? Apparently not becausr I haven't heard from him and yet I've seen him online.

I had a really good time despite the fact he speaks very little English.

Now it seemed to me he too was enjoying himself. After I got home I messaged him telling him I had a great time,it was nice meeting him,etc.

was that too much? How different is dating in their culture from ours?



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  • I think it's fine. It's either he's a person who doesn't like to talk about himself a lot and prefers to listen, or he finds difficulty in expressing himself in English.

    I think you are over thinking it. But if you want to hear from him, ask him to talk about himself more and encourage him to talk in English a lot even if he made mistakes, tell him you find these mistakes cute as well, and you will correct him immediately.


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  • I'm sure it's fine. I think you're over reacting


  • In arabic culture there's not traditionally much dating. If you are dating then it is probably for just finding a fling or a girlfriend or just for fun. You also might not have been when he was looking for. Just get another date in the mean time or just don't worry about it.

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