Is this dating or a FWB?

been going out 4 months. We did say we were dating each other but to me sometimes it seems more FWB. Tell me what you think..

He calls or texts daily

We only see each other maybe 2 to 3 times a week.

When we do see each other we do spend the entire day and night together and go fishing, go to a club or eat out.

sometimes we just hang at the house.

He has mentioned about future outings with me months in advance.

He has bought me a gift and pays for all the outings.

He does treat me wonderfully.

We always are intimate in some way, but not always sex.

Why do I think this is a FWB?

I have never slept overnight at his house.( I have never asked to )

Its been 4 months and I've never met his family( he has told his sister and friends about me)

He hasn't told me how he feels about me.

He is very sexual towards me and always talking about how he likes what I do to him in bed.

I guess all the sex talk is throwing me off- what do you think?


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  • No, that's not FWB. That's dating.

    The question is whether he sees things possibly moving further or not. THAT is an open question. But daily texting, spending the whole day together, going out, planning things in advance, him buying you gifts, these are not what you do with a FWB.

    • ok thanks- any advice about him not wanting me to sleep over or telling me how he feels about me?

    • I wouldn't necessarily see that as alarming at 4 months.

      Do you ever plan outings or only him?

    • no he initiates pretty much everything, including calls and dates.

What Girls Said 1

  • You don't know what he's thinking until you ask. Have the conversation with him :)

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