Guys and online dating?

I admitted to him that I liked him. I was gone when we started talking, so we didn't talk... then we began again and now he's gone so we Haven't got to meet in the 4 months we have been talking. Its in our plans, but I'm very honest and straightforward and have already admitted I liked him. Then, out of the blue, he said "I like you." He also has said things alone the lines of "I can't wait to be with you" and "I wish I could see you." So do you think this means he could be serious? We've established we're both looking for something serious, its just that sometimes we go without talking for long periods of time, but then pick up where we left off although I don't always like that, but I also understand. What's your opinion? Surely he wouldn't continue to talk if he wanted to get in my pants, considering we live a couple cities from each other so regardless, it would be an effort in order to meet.


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  • 4 months is a long time for just sex, I think he has interest in meeting you although with online dating the other person very well could be dating multiple people at a time just to see who they are better to connect with.

    • I agree.. He's on the top of the list for me, we share a LOT of things in common and a lot of the same view points and he said I'm not just smart, there's a lot more to me and has said before that he's dated dumb girls before and I'm not one of them, even has said that I'm not like other girls.

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    • I'm don't think we are

    • Well that is good, I iwhs you the best of luck

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