Hanging out with him for the first time over coffee? Met online?

So alas, I finally get a cute and sufficiently interesting guy to want to hang/go out with me. He suggested we get coffee sometime.

I basically met him online but we have mutual real life friends. And yeah, I've talked to him IRL before since he comes in to my workplace all the time.

I can't tell if it's because of my over-analytical mind or the fact that I haven't been on a date in three years, but I have so many fears going on in my head.

What if we run out of things to say!?

What if it's awkward!?

Are most first dates/hanging outs awkward?

I just feel like it will amount to nothing and it'll be terrible, but I haven't even gone on the date yet. I'm definitely interested, but what if all the chemistry is online, and in person it falls flat? Is there anyway to garner this before hand?


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  • Guess what? The coffee date is there to address the concerns you have! If you run out of things to say and it is awkward chances are you're not compatible. But that's why you go on the coffee date, to address those concerns.

    Don't take coffee dates interrogatively and if he seems like he is that way you can just not go on a second date with him. Coffee dates are actually really good to find out if he has anything on your list of deal breakers instead of going on some super long date with "lots of fun" just to head over to your doorstep and have him say "Let's just be friends."


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