Why do people act like people on here, are separate from the rest of the world?

I don't know,maybe it's all in the wording. But, the things

people say, make it sound like everyone on here is

fantastiful creature and not part of the actual population.

That's just how it comes off to me.

Like people who say "I take all the advice on here with a

grain of salt" Okay, then why do people come on here

if you don't believe the advice given is accurate? Besides,

people you see on the daily can give you crap advice, you

don't need to come on here for that lol.

Or "Everybody online is liar and isn't who they say they are.

So, don't trust anyone online" Okay, I don't believe that.

People you see in your daily life can lie and pretend to be

someone there not, just sayin.

Or women who say " All man on here are bitter and hate

women". Um, the guys here are guys in the world. And,

just because you don't here your co-worker Bob complaining

about women, doesn't mean he's not. Or, that he's not

worth dating. It's called venting, look it up lol. Besides, women

complain about men too, so...

See, I know people on here are people in the world.

And, just because I don't see y'all on the daily doesn't

mean anything. So, do you count people on here as

separate from the rest of the world or how do you feel?


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  • We are fanciful creatures. It's part of being a unique snowflake.

    Taking the advice from here with a grain of salt is not a bad idea because you're simply expanding the knowledge pool and then looking over the options and explanations. Think of the people here as willing books who open their pages to whatever you're looking for ( like magic even! ) and then give you the answer inscribed within them. Much like books from the 1600s likely do not apply to modern science today so many people here are thought to believe one thing or another that may or may not fit the processes required for success.

    Paranoia about online identity is just a fad that's been fading for a long while. That said you're right, everyone offline can be hide what everyone online can, but it is easier for me to say pretend to be female just by changing an account than it would for me to fake t*ts in real life. It is the ease of deception with readily available means that insights this paranoia. So your ad hom type counter has a flaw.

    As for women and men here having sexist spouts you're right, it's called venting, and honestly that is what they are doing. Counter-venting. "Women are dumb" > "Men are pigs" > ad infinitum. It makes both sides somehow feel better.

    There are plenty of studies that show people change on the internet. For instance in real life I'm actually a loving, wonderful ... Oh that's a lie. I've not changed a bit between the mediums. I'm uncool like that. Anyway, I feel great, because I know for a fact that this website contains such a small sliver of the population of the world that it is negligible! :D

  • Some people are just mad at the world it seems, and as a result they get back the negativity they dish out. Thus with every encounter of negativity they experience, even though it's almost always a reaction to their own bad actions causes a deepening of their resentful hatred of all people. lol


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