I'm so bad at this. Post-hookup exchanges. help?!

So, I was talking to this guy from Tinder for about two weeks or so, and then we finally met up Friday night. There was alcohol involved. I ended up spending the night at his place. We hooked up, but didn't have sex. I said no to it. At one point after I said something, he said to me, "you're really cool." The next morning we cuddled for like.. 3 hours and talked for most of it. I enjoyed it. Not sure what it means?

But anyway-- he walked me to where I needed to go, and we said goodbye-- no kisses, just hugs (much to my dismay) and I didn't hear anything from him until Sunday night. He told me that he had a really great time and that he hopes I did, too. We carried out the conversation for a bit and then both went to sleep. I never responded to his goodnight text, but then the next day (today) I asked him how his day was going.. it's been like 4 hours, still no response. I do know that Mondays are usually pretty busy for him, so I'm trying to be patient.

My question: would he even text me if he wanted NOTHING more than to hook-up? I would like to see him again.. and I don't know if the pillow talk had any significance at all. Guys?


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  • I don't know just wait for him to call you


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