Where can I meet a good man who wants to be in a serious relationship?

I have been online dating for almost 2 years. This has been a complete failure. I have gone out with several guys and even dated a few for a while. But none of them want a real relationship or they are not ready for one.

I hate meeting guys in bars and clubs. Where can I look now?


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  • Totally depends on where you live and the scene around there. If you're in a big city just join a few groups that interest you and use social networking to get the others to push you and whomever together. If you're in a tiny dirthole, sorry. If you're in a moderately sized city you're going to have issues ( unless it's a collegiate town or major port ) because there aren't enough clubs to spread your love but it's too large to pull the "Everyone knows everyone" card and get a quick set up. To this I would recommend almost dating for fun; you just do it as a hobby and when you make your connections, great, otherwise, whtaever.

    • I am coming to the conclusion on just dating for fun as well. Just not as fulfilling you know?

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  • where do you work? Maybe there.

    I'd say maybe some kind of public group or something? Like involving kids? I don't know what that'd be, but something like that where there may be some single dads.

    I'd also say stick with internet dating. I'm sure not 100% of the guys doing online dating are against having a real relationship.

    • Work in general is not a good idea to meet someone just in case it doesn't end well. But interest groups might be an option. Thanks for the idea.

    • re: work, it all depends on how you handle it. I've dated plenty of girls from work. Most I'm still friendly with.

  • The problem is at your age there are mostly two types of guys: guys who've given up on girls, and guys who are players or have become players. The nice guy who just wants a relationship can't be very easily found beyond the early twenties.

    Even in the early twenties, it gets much harder. I've experienced in myself and witnessed in my male friends a huge transformation. We used to be the nice guys who just wanted a relationship. Now we're (almost) players.

    • Yeah, age has definitely been a factor. Being in my thirties makes me feel like my time is running out. Maybe I should start being a player.

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  • in similar situation. its hard online too. were you on free or paid sites?

    a guy told me he doenst care about my age and still want to see me then told me to get off the free site lol and use a paid site like eharmony.

    i don't go to bars or clubs either.

    so you would date for awhile, then you ask for exlucivity? or ...how did that go?

    • I have been on both paid and free. I love to go out to bars and clubs those are just terrible places to meet a potential partner imo. We usually go out until things start to get serious then the guy ends it.

    • How long and what does get serious mean to you or the guy. Asking because m in same boat. I am not having any talk with the guys, just gong out.

  • wow sounds like the story of my life! I gave up on looking I am just living my life as of now I do feel a little stressed as I have been single for about 3 years now and been constantly looking for love..i guess you should just lay off in finding someone and let that someone find you..i was thinking about starbucks like go there to study or something you know those cozy type of places you will find hot nerds there docs, engg what not!

    • "been constantly looking for love"-- I guess I have been too. Time to take a break I think. Unfortunately the odds of a guy just finding me is pretty low.

    • Girlie I am in the same boat as well! I am getting attention from guys I have rejected in the past and that's what I don't want happening. I don't know how to look anymore so I am just giving the guy the opportunity to fjnd me now. I am gonna go study a a coffee shop or something ill keep you posted who I will find there , maybe so you can try your luck there as well lol

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