Dating in your 30's, what have you learned?

Unless you're willing to move to a more populated area. Finding a girl that's age appropriate that doesn't have multiple kids or is divorced is impossible. Nothing against dating someone with one kid but two or more is overwhelming to me.

Dating someone that's been divorced isn't bad. I've just noticed they're usually bitter, angry and less trusting.

Don't really want to date girls that are 9-10 years younger than me but that's the only girls I meet that aren't married or have a grip of kids.


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  • yes, the demographic pressures are a problem in your 30's. My unmarried friends all have similar problems. They're mostly not liking the young girls they date, but as you say. those are the only ones without the baggage of kids and divorces.

    One reason those divorced women are angry and bitter is that they usually can't get dates!


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  • Hi I'm recently single and just started dating in my 30s and the best thing I've found is to go to the gym or join a class at the gym and you'll meet girls. I didn't do this specifically to meet girls its just a lucky accident! People that go to gym on a weeknight can do this because they don't have kids to look after.

    • Didn't even think of going at night. But yeah, the crowd changes dramatically at night. Skews younger.

  • If you can, date the girls 8 to 10 years younger.

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