Should I Date A Girl in High School?

So I have been talking to girl for while and its been going great. I really like her, but the only issue is she is still in high school. I'm 18 in my second year of college(yes I'm that young) and she is a 17 y/o senior. She acts very mature for her age I don't plan on having sex with her right away until she is ready (Most likely after she turns 18 which is next year). Should I still date her or should I just become friends with her? and any advice would be great as well.


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  • That's not a significant age difference, but you're worlds apart in terms of social maturity since you've been out of high school prison for long enough to see the world the way an adult does, while she is still there and, acting mature of not, is still in kindergarten socially.

    I'd think twice about dating someone still in high school. There must be some more interesting girls on your own level in college, right?

    • There are but they only see me for what I have etc. and most of the ones I show interest towards already have boyfriends, so my options are limited, but this girl on the other hand she cares about me as the person I am and not a thing to be used. Also this will be both our first boyfriend/girlfriend.

    • I'd still join a college club of some kind and see if there are any loose women there. Er, I mean, unattached women!

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  • Generally, I say avoid dating minors in all cases, but in the case of a 17 and 18 year old, you could probably pull it off.

  • Go for it.