My exgf is over me, right?

Your Opinion, do I still have a chance with her?

So we broke up a year ago, it was a 5 year RS. I had to break up because she liked another guy, I believe she is stil with him now (not sure).

She wanted to 'prove her love' by sleeping with me right before the breakup.

After the breakup she texted me "I really didn't like him before"

She sent the first bracelet I gave her back in May, with no note.

For the rest she has ignored me up until a couple of week ago when she approached me saying "you can talk to me". I didn't want to at the time and since then she has ignored my email.

And said "seriously, go away" when I tried to talk to her (I believe her boyfriend was about to pick her up).

She overreacts ALL the time.

Do you think she is over me?

I have dated since and am trying to move on, even have a date set up and am talking to multiple ladies. But I still love her unfortunately. I just need some sense smacked into me!


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  • Don't waste your time on someone like her, She honestly sounds like a narcissistic psycho. Its obvious she is playing you, and only tends to comeback to mess with your head, or if she wants something from you. There are plenty of women in the world who aren't like her, and won't treat you like a last resort. You are only hurting yourself if you continue contact with her, and the longer you allow her in your life, the harder it will be to drop her like a bad habit.

    I understand you love her, but do this. Just for a minute look back as ask yourself, Do I really want to put up with this for the rest of my life? Do I want to marry this chick? and possibly have a family?

    Only put your hard work and effort into something that is worthwhile, not a lost cause.





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  • She sounds like a very controlling sort of woman, probably some corporate climber, right?

    If she approaches you, you're supposed to respond, but if you approach her, she won't. Control Freak prototype #3.

    Yes, you do need sense smacked into you. I'm sure, if you talked to her, she'd complain about the new boyfriend to you.

    • She's definitely controlling I guess. Didn't really notice it in the RS. But I figured it would not be fun to be on her bad side. I noticed that she holds grudges for immature reasons and really doesn't understand the other side of the story most of the time (actually 100% of the time).

      Talking to her won't be happening. Probably not even if I run into her by accident, she will have to approach me... :S

    • Probably best to wait for her to approach you, but she'll probably just vent about the new bf.

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