Would you do this if you weren't interested in them?

Ok so I'm sort of friends with this guy (we don't talk that much face to face on a day to day basis, but we have the same friendship group)..

And quite often he texts me (not so much anymore) but when we do text we have really long and deep conversations

Last week I started the conversation first (which I don't do often) and he replied, seemed interested in the conversation. and asked lots of questions...

Now, if you weren't interested in a girl would you make that kind of effort? Or is all that just etiquette.


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  • im having the same problem with a girl at the moment. Altho she seems to have suddenly gone cold..which could get awkward because we have mutual friends. HELP US GUYS!

    • How has she gone cold - like, what's she doing differently? ha ha I can try and help with yours:)

    • Basically we aren't texting anymore, and I've no idea why...she is the shy type so I usually had to take the initiative and text first. We used to have long conversations about nothing that went on into 2am, but she has just seemed more distant and I'm fed up of texting her first because I felt like I'm annoying her all the time. So now I still don't know where I stand. I'm pretty sure there is no other guy, and I didn't do anything wrong so I don't know why she suddenly went cold?

    • Honestly, I'm sure it isn't anything personal! I think the guy I'm talking about is probably feeling the same as you, but (for me personally) I still really do like him, it's just that I am shy and I hate starting the conversation first! If she seems interested in talking to you, and you have conversations till 2am, that shows that she likes you at least to a certain degree

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  • Oh and sorry I never properly answered yours...If I wasn't interested I wouldn't make that sort of effort, I would politely but quickly end the conversation so that she wouldn't get the wrong idea...not that it happens me all that often


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  • I am in the same boat too. Except its me usually texting first and venting and going to him with my issues which he has stated before he doesn't mind me doing that. He listens and helps give me advice and I told him anytime he needs to vent or talk that I am there for him like he is there for me but his response was that he's a guy and they don't talk about feelings lol so ya I have no clue if he actually likes me more than a friend or not. At least with you he texts you lots so I would say he is interested.

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