Should I kiss him??? And how?

ok my friend told me he liked me and we were walking around one day and out of nowhere he said."why don't you just kiss me already?'' (we both like each other and we both know that) I told him i was nervous about screwing up and he said "don't be nervous just like wen were alone pull me close and kiss me, Like just by surprise. O and I like french kissing. I'm just saying" but that same day he said he wouldn't want to get with me. Should I kiss him just for the hell of it? How? Or should I leave it since he doesn't want to get with me?


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  • Firstly, I think it's funny that he's trying to get you to make the first move. Secondly, he could just be saying that doesn't want to "get with you" to scare you off. Or maybe he's looking for some assurances that you do in fact like him.

    Now, I think the big question is, Do you WANT to kiss him? If you do, then, I guess just go for it. Don't really think about it, but don't not think about it either. If that makes sense. If you over think it, which is what I tend to do with everything, then you won't do it.

    I guess just take things slowly, if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. If you're not comfortable making the first move, ask him the same question. Just ask something like "Why don't you kiss me? You asked the same question, so you've thought about it, why haven't you kissed me?" You never know, it might be the incentive he needs as well.

    Hope this helps.