Girls that allow their iPhones to show read on it

When a girl makes there iphone do that during texts and they don't respond right away, does it worry you? Do you try to text some more to cover up that one text that she just read and didn't respond to right away? Do you delete the whole conversation after you texted her 20 times in a row pretending that it actually deletes the conversation on her side too even though you know...IT REALLY DOESN'T?!?!?

AmongTheApples is crying right now because he didn't like my grammar and he thinks I disintegrated his anonymous crush. How do you like them apples, Mat Damon?!?!?!


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  • that did that on purpose. I know what you're talking about, and some people will turn read on just so that you know they read it and didn't respond. They think it makes them look busy and popular and that you will be wondering what they are doing and why they didn't respond even though they saw your message

    • Thaaaaank youuuu!

      Geez...I feel like some people are stuck in the 90's and don't know what iPhones do and only know about beepers.

      But you...?!?! You are in with the times ;)

    • I guess no one here has an iphone LOL

    • I wonder if they are familiar with instagram, Facebook or twitter.

      Or they are still using MySpace and Friendster. Haha

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  • I think that "read" function causes more trouble than it's worth.

    I read texts all the time and don't reply immediately. It's never because I want to look busy/popular or am doing it to be mean. Sometimes I genuinely am busy and I'm reading the text quickly because I'm curious about what they said while I'm doing something else.

    Sometimes I don't reply right away because there are some people who will continue to repeatedly text and have a full conversation about nothing likely because they are bored and want someone to entertain them. If they want a conversation I prefer to do so in person.

    • I agree with you. I sometimes get busy as well and when I do worry about the situation, I sometimes have to stop myself from worrying and try to not text them again or too much until they respond back.

      Unless of course the problem is very important you must. But in that situation if it is really important there is always calling them up.

    • Oh absolutely! I assume anything anyone texts me isn't important otherwise they would call!

  • lol I have read thing on my iphone too but that is to show people who I don't give a sh*t about just to annoy them. It bothers the sh*t out of them! well this girl might be busy and probably is not replying to you give her some time and don't bombard her with so many texts!

    • You really don't give a sh*t about me, Natalie? :(

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    • I have been waiting for you my whole life

    • its okay baby I am here you don't need to fear anymore;) lol

      mike was always meant for natalie:P

  • I know of the feature but have never turned it on for the reason that when people text me, I sometimes forget to text back if I close my messages. And I don't want people coming back to me and saying "I saw you read my message but didn't text back".

    • Thanks for your honesty and not deginerating me

    • LOL! I hate when they do that! "why are you ignoring me?!?!?!" That happens on fb where you don't have the luxury of turing it off! Way around - read it and mark as unread :P

    • I have been guilty of the needy question guy.

      But as I have gotten older I do my best not to be that guy who asks why they are ignoring me even though its annoying. I don't even joke like that anymore to them either.

      My only neediness that I have to overcome is overtrxting.

      I know how annoying it is cause I have people do it to me yet I still do the same. Haha

  • this question flew right over my head... huh?

    • How do you manage to even turn on your own computer?

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    • At least I don't look like Michael Jackson..

    • Nobody does anymore. Not even an anarexic woman looks like Michael Jackson. Except for other dead people

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  • I don't know what the point of it is, plus, some people like me do get texts but don't respond right away. I wouldn't want that function enabled on my phone because it would make it look like I'm ignoring them if I didn't respond right away. What if I lost service for a while? I think functions like that are silly. Plus they could be writing a long reply too.

    Makes me wish I was back in the day where texting wasn't considered normal communication.

  • Rephrase all of that because I have no idea what you just said.

  • What the hell are you asking?