Why doesn't he call? and more

He is totally amazing to me and everything is great...except that he will say we should go to something specific, like a show or place, and will never mention it again. We do a lot together, but it bugs me when something doesn't go down, he doesn't give me a heads up about it. He just doesn't bring it up again and I'm supposed to assume that we're not doing it.

For example, today he has a friend in town and he called me when he was with the friend, and gave me a heads up that he would call me later when he gets settled in and maybe we can all get dinner. I didn't hear anything about it after that, and he texts me a bit after normal dinner time to check in and see how I am doing. ? No mention of "sorry we got busy and ended up not going to dinner" or no heads up before hand that we're not going to be doing dinner. It's like he wants to avoid saying anything that might disappoint me or let me down so he just ignores it...maybe he forgets, but it seems he always forgets to tell me when things aren't going down. It's not like they are planned, they're things that he would briefly mention in passing, but I express an interest and would expect him to come back and tell me, oh that's probably not gonna happen because of whatever.

So our relationship is fairly new (few months) and we are in total honeymoon mode, so I don't want to bring up something like this and freak him out like I am super paranoid girl who is going to get mad at everything. But I want him to stop doing this, because I'd like to know what's going on instead of having to wait to NOT be called to know that dinner is not gonna happen. So now I am not even texting him back. I know, games, but I'm annoyed.


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  • Tell him about the matter. By not replying will make him wonder what happened and thus can make him probably mad. Just say it in a nice way. For example: Honey, I like spending time with you together, I like you a lot too but there is one thing that bothers me (you tell him about it).

    I am sure he won't think you're this paranoid girl.